Successful cultivation always follows careful observation. If we're to love our place and neighbors well, we have to discover what makes them unique: from alleyways and rooftops, to dreams and pains, old stories and modern peccadilloes. If you're in Denver, the links below can get you kick-started. If you aren't, the categories I've outlined can inspire avenues for studying your own context. But of course the internet can only take us so far. Deep understanding takes patience and presence.



Denver News and Blogs




Changing Denver

Walking Tours

Links and Resources


Urban Planning Documents

(These are being rewritten right now, and the city wants community input. Our voice in this process is crucial if Denver is to grow into a place of shalom. Go here -->  Denveright)  


Other Cool Stuff




Mapping Denver

Part of my quest to "exegete" my new city is creating a series of maps, about twelve initially, that will give a visual for important place-based characteristics of Denver: things like poverty rates by neighborhood, racial segregation, city council districts, food access, and a lot more. I'll be uploading it soon, so keep posted! 

Am I missing your favorite Denver blog or resource? Let me know!