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Nathan Davis Hunt

In Jesus-Christ.
For Shalom.
Through Love. 
Toward Solidarity. 
With Joy & Grace. 

Kickstarter for Resistance

Kickstarter for Resistance

We are halfway through week one of our new Presidency and already the following groups whom my God loves deeply have been attacked…

1) Creation (aka “the climate”) - what Creator does not care for that which he or she carefully made and named good?

2) The Stranger and the Immigrant (via “the wall,” banning Syrian immigrants, etc.) - my God offers hospitality, safety, and compassion to the outsider (he also remembers that a nation of settler colonists don’t have much of a claim to offering condescending “hospitality” in the first place)

3) Women (with pretty much everything) - my God knows women are as much formed in the image of God as men, and that “he” is also a mother who knows what it is to care for her children and tend for the vulnerable (Is 49:15; 66:13)

4) Non-Americans (aka, “America First”) - my God does not play favorites and came to earth out of love for the WHOLE world

5) Life (aka, healthcare…and most things) - my God cares for the born as well, and seeks life “and life more abundant” with ferocious joy

Many more are to come.

If you like aspects of what Trump’s doing, fine. I like that he backed us out of the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership -- though his plan to create a re-industrialized American economy is simply impossible: technological advancements, not trade, are the primary reason we can’t return to that fictional history.

But if you consider yourself a follower of Christ (or any person who cares for the wellbeing of people outside of white American men) we have just entered a season for prophetic resistance, courageous empathy, and radical solidarity unlike any in our lifetime.

Here’s a small kickstarter package to equip and connect you for the long, yet ultimately hopeful work ahead (we never need abandon hope, my friend — has not Christ been raised?!).

I don’t agree with everything in all of these — nor have I read every line — but I have already found each helpful, concrete, and action oriented.



100 Days of Action: Sponsored by Convergence

Sanctuary Movement

Matthew 25 Movement Pledge: “I pledge to protect and defend the vulnerable in the name of Jesus.”
(mostly focused on immigrant justice and protection)



How to Help: Daily news you can do something about

Resistance Manual: connected to Campaign Zero and the Movement for Black Lives…the wikipedia for Trumps policies and ways to defeat them

Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda…/IndivisibleGuide_2016-12-…

Women’s March 100 - 10 Actions, 100 Days

Climate Change Defense



My organization, The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado is organizing across many issues:

Together Colorado Solidarity Network

Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable…/1sq3NBVmZ_wlcoCH3gNI8AJcI_L…/edit…

And I’ll shamelessly toss in my personal website, starting with the blog I wrote the day after the election……/18-reflections-the-day-after-the-electi…


Please add more I haven’t come across yet in the comment section!


I look forward to seeing you… the streets standing with People of Color and all who would be marginalized. 
...speaking truth to elites in the halls of power.
...and listening wholeheartedly in the living rooms of those who don’t look like you.

May we all learn again what it means to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.”

Our Stories Make the World

Our Stories Make the World

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