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Nathan Davis Hunt

In Jesus-Christ.
For Shalom.
Through Love. 
Toward Solidarity. 
With Joy & Grace. 

Becoming Stillness - Richard Rohr

Becoming Stillness - Richard Rohr

What is spirituality?

I remember when Rob Bell told me everything is spiritual. And it was a revelation and I still thank him for it.

But "spiritual" and "spirituality" bear some shades of difference.

One is about what is

The other, I'm wondering, may be more about doing that leads to being. About practices that craft identity.

Spirituality is roots that give stability and strength to stretching branches and shimmering leaves.

It's the prayerful night that empowers prophetic days.

It's the ground of action. 

Kent Groff likes to say that "spirituality is learning to respond rather than react to the circumstance of your life and to the events of the world, in such a way that blesses your own soul and the world."

I'm fond of Dr. King's take: spirituality is strength to love.

The search for renewed spirituality is a theme of mine these days. Graduate school was rich and stimulating and a catalyst for maturation in so many ways, but seminaries shouldn't be confused with monasteries. And growing in knowledge and opinions shouldn't be confused with holistic growth of the self. 

After graduation, I was dry and I was hungry.

In the midst of my ongoing search, I've begun stumbling into Richard Rohr. I'd never read him before the last month or so, but he's come up so many times since I moved to Denver it started to sound like the Spirit.

This talk is well worth sharing. There's something in the way Rohr describes spirituality that's absolutely essential to cultivating shalom: developing a non-dualistic perception of the world, growing deep self-awareness, acquiring a posture of welcome toward otherness, genuinely opening oneself to the Spirit.

Enjoy this video, soak up the stream of wisdom, and take time afterward to be still in the Presence.

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