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Nathan Davis Hunt

In Jesus-Christ.

For Shalom.

Through Love. 

Toward Solidarity. 

With Joy & Grace. 


Let it Begin With Me

Let it Begin With Me

In Richard Rohr's response to the election, he said it is time to enter a season of national introspection. But that collective looking-in can only be done if a prior work of personal introspection is sustained.

If we are to exorcise the demons of hatred from this country, the inquisition must begin with me. Let me not be one who accuses the other of sin without having first spent long days repenting of the logs in my own eyes.

So where am I the racist? Where has sexism clouded my vision? How does misogyny corrupt my heart and ethnocentrism degrade my mind? In what ways am I the xenophobe, the narcissist, the demagogue, the false messiah? To what extent has bigotry clamped shut the flow of God's love through me? Am I suffused with greed and flush with lust?

The answers are affirmative and many.

Donald is my own id run amok. He's the zeitgeist of our national appetites. What we fear in him is no more than what we fear in ourselves.

I am a murderer and adulterer -- just as Jesus described.

And it's from my own muck that, in a dance of mutual reaching out between myself and the Father, I slowly find that sad, broken self put to death. It's only when I genuinely see myself for what I am that God can bring me into my intended humanity, the life in Christ I am designed to live. 

Perhaps, I pray, in Trump we can see clearly our deep-set logs, and someday find freedom.


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