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Nathan Davis Hunt

In Jesus-Christ.

For Shalom.

Through Love. 

Toward Solidarity. 

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Discipleship: A Model for People of Shalom

Discipleship: A Model for People of Shalom

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? And what is the stuff of that discipleship? What type of identity does a disciple have? What do they do? What is their life like? What are their goals?

I am grateful for a story that led me into wrestling matches with these questions at a fairly early point in my life. My answers have probably changed a good deal--more out of expansion than replacement--over the past five years or so, and I hope that continues. Writing is always a strange experience, because muddy thoughts caught up in paradox and uncertainty magically become solid when ideas hit a page. Once those written words are "published," they are transformed into the writer's opinion. That's a scary proposition, because I will probably disagree with most of what I have written on this blog in a few years. And I know many readers will definitely disagree, and transfer their disagreement with magically institutionalized ideas into disagreement with me. That's scary, but it is the inherent and necessary risk of authorship. 

Well, I'm going to launch into a long series based on the theme of discipleship and my current thoughts on that topic. In that process, I'm going to traverse across all kinds of themes of theology, human nature, and approaches to the transformation of society. I am going to offer my perspective on the questions posed above, and I am going to do it with the help of a simple picture I drew. For better or worse, that picture is of a very solid looking temple. This was the image that popped in my mind and helped me organize and integrate my thinking. However, it gives off a much more established ethos than I would ever claim. [for example: Since I drew the picture a month ago, I already regret using the word "Proclamation" on the banner. I wish it were "friendship" or dialogue. Probably the first of many...] 

This is going to be work in progress, and hopefully a journey embarked in conversation with you and others. 

So, with those many qualifiers, I hope you enjoy the posts that spin out of this little picture over the coming months. May they bless, encourage and inspire you as you follow the Man from Galilee. And where they lead you astray, set it aside or let me know so that we can both draw closer to him who is making all things new. 


Following Jesus

Following Jesus

Aristotle and the Art of Shalom

Aristotle and the Art of Shalom