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Nathan Davis Hunt

In Jesus-Christ.

For Shalom.

Through Love. 

Toward Solidarity. 

With Joy & Grace. 


Launch of!!

Launch of!!

What up For Shalom readers!

I have a big announcement I'm very excited to make to you all.

Starting almost a year ago, I began dreaming and scheming with one of my favorite professors--Dr. Mark Baker--about creating new ways to grow the impact of his course called Discipleship & Ethics. Mark has been looking for ways to stay in touch with former students around the themes, challenges and growth that happens in this class, and I am passionate about getting his message out to more people.

After months of conversation, surveys, focus groups, strategizing, website design, mailchimp setup, writing, resource curating and on and on....we are officially launching!!!

The site brings together a unique set of paradigms for what it means to follow Jesus at this moment in history, then explores how these paradigms play out across a diverse group of contemporary themes. It's set in an Anabaptist accent, which I believe gives the site a uniquely generative point of departure. Go here to read more about what that means.

As we say on the home page:

To follow Jesus is to move and press against the flow. This site seeks to point out the direction of the currents, provide you with a paddle, and link you with friends for the journey. Together, we are challenged to follow Jesus in living an ethic of freedom from the forces of death and alienation.

D& is packed with videos, articles, blogsbook suggestions and will continue to grow in the months (and years!) to come. We hope this will become a place of dialogue, and a place where others we are journeying alongside can share their insights, ideas, resources, and requests as well.


Hope you can check it out and please share on social media to help get the word out!

A Systems Thinking Starter

A Systems Thinking Starter

Be Not Afraid: Theology of Liberation, Shalom, and Structural Causes

Be Not Afraid: Theology of Liberation, Shalom, and Structural Causes