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Nathan Davis Hunt

In Jesus-Christ.

For Shalom.

Through Love. 

Toward Solidarity. 

With Joy & Grace. 


Practicing the Way of Jesus

Practicing the Way of Jesus


I have been very positively influenced over the past few years by the whimsical approach to follow Jesus expressed and embodied by Mark Scandrette. This afternoon I had a conversation with a local artist and coffee shop owner who wants to shape an experimental space in his shop for exploring creative Christian spirituality and discipleship, so I told him about Mark. This led me over to Mark's website where I read this description of Christian belief and practice. They get to the core of our journey of faith and obedience after the Savior in a special way, so thought I would share them for your encouragement and reflection. 

Our Creator is caring and present. 
There is a new way to be human.   
The life and teachings of Jesus are a reliable guide to transformation and greater wholeness-- for ourselves and our world.  
We engage these realities through embodied practices. Jesus said, “Anyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is wise.” (Matthew 7:24) Thus we seek a balance between right belief and right practice (orthopraxy) in order to close the gap between what we say we believe and value and how we actually live.  
We see ourselves as part of the continuing story of the Judeo-Christian scriptures, the ancient creeds and the breadth of historic church traditions. We want the the Gospel to transform every aspect of our lives.  
As a network we are shaped by our commitment to seven vows rooted in the gospels: 
| To Creator, Obedience
| To Creation, Service
| To each other, Community
|        In all things love, In all things love
| With possessions, simplicity
| For life, prayer
| In our world, creativity
|       In all things love, In all things love
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