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What does it mean to live as a co-creator, a collaborator and co-conspirator with God? Being who we are, embedded in the visceral contours of this world, at this moment in history, on this patch of land, among these people, how are we called to participate in God’s mission to bring about shalom among the community of creation?

These questions shape the writings on this website. They express what I’m learning as I spiral through the phases of the praxis of discipleship. This following Jesus and entering into the life of God is a journey of action and contemplation rooted in community seeking to transforming both the self and world. This is my attempt to unpack that journey.

Many of my reflections hinge on my place in the American context: a well-off white man attempting to live faithfully through love and solidarity for liberation unto shalom within a neoliberal settler-colonist state founded on whiteness. I attempt to think theologically about things like political economy, urban form, ecology, challenges of racism and white supremacy, the ideologies underpinning the present reality, and theories of change. You'll notice a bent toward system change, and an unusual but hopefully refreshing interweaving of the spiritual life with the work of justice.

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Hey there,

So, about a decade ago, my life was radically upturned by some friendships with folks at the margins. Resolving the dissonance between my beliefs, the presence of poverty and oppression, and my pursuit of Jesus has kept it turning and churning ever since. I'm a husband, reading addict, Aggie, wannabe academic, entrepreneurial advocate, and mountain junkie. I'm a country kid at heart who grew up on the Gulf Coast Plains between some farms outside Needville, TX. As a child wandering Colorado’s Elk Mountains in the summers, I was captivated by wild places and trying to find my way to a windswept view. Somewhere along the way, strangely, I was romanced by the city. Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary gave me an MA in Urban Mission with a concentration in Community Development. 

Currently I'm the Director of Economic Justice at the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado where I get to work on state and local policy reform, fight for and create affordable housing, build the cooperative solidarity economy, and do intersectional justice work with the best people in the world. I’m a co-founding team member at Colorado Village Collaborative, a nonprofit leading the charge in Colorado for tiny home communities that offer a justice-building alternative for friends who’ve been excluded and dispossessed by homelessness. I sit on the board of All in Denver, am a proud member of the Colorado Solidarity Fund, and love being part of this beautiful Queen City of the Plains.

Thanks for hanging out.

Peace, joy and justice,
Nathan Davis Hunt


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